Who is Michael Pearce

Written By: Michael

Walking 3k a Day can Save your Life!

Michael Gene Pearce, 47 years experience at LIFE!

I Love teaching the young at heart, started coaching amateur figure skating at 12 years of age.

I am a Red Seal Chef Since 1989. Leading talented professionals,

Teaching all the time because I am driven to share what I now.

Escaped because I was tired of training more slaves in a career, without a future.

I have excelled at doing  business taxes for the last 24 years, helping my people learn how to get back what was deducted at the source. Happily Self-Employed for last 12 years working for myself but not by myself.

I was Mutual Fund and Life Insurance licensed, learned how to use the rule of ’72′ as leverage, that can benefit employees that want to use Network Marketing as a tool to escape early from their “JOB’s” (Just Over Broke).

I have had weight problems my whole life till four years ago, when I lost 90lbs in 3 years,

Reduced my High Blood Pressure from Hypertensive to a Low Normal, and

Now I am absolutely Thriving, not just Surviving, after a “Widow Maker”, Heart Attack 01/11/2012.

Now that I have recovered, I  share,


“How I Survived a Heart ATTACK!

Now all of my Passions Fit Together from Coaching People to be their Best,

Teaching about Natural Food Options, Being a Raw Food Advocate, with a Survivor Mentality.
I have been Happily Married for the last 25 Years to the Same Woman,

Proud Father of Two Amazing Daughters and Two Perfectly Adorable Grandchildren.

And now, I am Mastering Attraction Marketing, to Provide an Easier Path to Time Freedom.

Check out my “Free E-Book”,  http://michaelshealthanswers.ca/

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